Projections: Fund performances to Current markets

Our performances net of fees, monthly, from January 2019 till the end of the 2nd quarter 2020. In red is negative performance for that month. We were 100% out of the market during September 2019.

  • SA is expected to deliver between – 15% to – 7% on average in the next 18 months or beyond.
  • Global is expected to deliver between – 10% to + 10% on average the next 18 months.
  • Our conservative projection is between + 6% (Risk-free divvies) plus 4% to 6% discretionary growth, and could deliver a possible + 10% /12%. Thus, if market predictions are correct.
  • It could be worse or it could be better. We work on the worst case scenario.

What does this mean?

  • The markets are in control, not us, and totally unpredictable.
  • We cannot guarantee positive returns, although, our systems, expertise and risk-free dividends support our protection strategy that generates positive growth when available.
  • You could not find a better place than us in these times because we are fully positioned to make use of the market, no matter the direction it takes. Our 24/7 systems support that.


We rather under promise and over deliver. Our returns are thus subdued, although we have confidence to deliver when needed.

R500 000, calculated from 1 August 2020 with subdued growth initially due to markets.