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Caveat Fund Ltd

What is Caveat Fund?

A Global Macro Fund With Exposure To G8 Markets & Instruments With No Exposure To Upcoming Markets.

What does Caveat Fund do?

Generate Long-Term Wealth for Investors – By trading the most diversified futures portfolio possible & seeking returns, higher than the world’s equity markets, without greater risk of loss, while applying protection strategies.

For who is Caveat Fund?

For Investors seeking International investments in Global (Offshore) Equity Markets, that is Tax Free, with 100% availability and without hidden fees* – providing maximum growth without endangering the investments.

(*No up-front fees, penalty fees, policy fees, withdrawal fees.)

Fund Features: What am I getting?

  • Two applications working simultaneously in continuous interaction:
    1. Discretionary Management through 45 carefully selected Global Exchange Futures, covering: Currencies, Interest Rates, and 7 diversified Global Stock Indices.
    2. Risk Free Dividends allocated quarterly at 1,5% p/q – that equal to 6% p/a in USD.
  • A combination of both long and short strategies,with an average exposure of 4-6 weeks.
  • Investment Strategies supported by a “living” system of Algorithms which consistently monitor each of the 45 markets (24/7), researching and analysing performance and trends to produce warnings and notify investors of opportunities as they become available.
  • Additional Support through the collaboration between numerous highly qualified, properly regulated Entities, Specialists and Global Managers, sharing up-to-date data and information from individual systems on a daily basis. – Generating protection and growth within your investment.

Key Highlights: What are the Benefits of Investing with Caveat Fund Ltd?

  • The Fund aims to deliver min 15% p/a in USD – Doubling of Capital at least every 5 Years.
  • No Hidden Fees – When you open or Close an Account
  • Clients retain full access to the Fund Manager (Trader)
  • A profit sharing Algorithm – that distributes profits on a quarterly basis above discretional annual gains.
  • A diversified futures profile.
  • Tax Free ( If dividends are quarterly reinvested)
  • 6 Year Turnaround, but 100% availability.
  • Offshore – i.e. considers return rate.
  • Option to place additional injections of up to $ 10 000 if and when available.

Risk Management

Six different strategies protect initial investment and minimize losses of hard-earned growth.

  • Selected market Exposure: – We are specialist in 45 carefully selected markets and their instruments, which render complete global diversity to explore any market condition, to generate value.
  • Algorithms: – We combine knowledge and skills, together with the unlimited power of algorithms that supply 24/7 research, charts, warnings, opportunities, etc. This place us in the most favorable position.
  • Portfolio Liquidity: – Markets fluctuate continuously, which could be unforeseen and sudden. Our investment team, with our ”living” systems, and collaboration with market experts, applies the following:
    • Once a selected stock reached 30% of its pre-determined goal, the exposure is closed, and we pursue other opportunities. This is an extremely effective protection application.
    • During extreme volatility or uncertainty, we are 100% out the market, until value could be found.
  • Profit sharing / Dividends: – Risk-free 1,5% per quarter (Dec, March, June, Sept), thus 6% pa, which lowers the risk by 42% pa, with a 15% pa target.
  • Low risk discretionary management: – because of the 6% risk-free dividends, only 9% pa needs to be added to achieve our goal of 15% pa. This compares with low risk income funds in SA. No high risk instruments or strategies are needed. We do not chase high performances, however, if the market presents it, we will gladly participate to the benefit of investors.


  • No up front -, penalties -, policy -, withdrawal -.or hidden fees.
  • 0,5% pa administration fee for Sanlam Trust Services International
  • 18% per quarter = 1,8% pa.
    • Only applicable on the discretionary portion of growth generated every quarter.
    • No growth, no fee
    • Not applicable to full fund value as with others.
    • Performances are net of fees.


  • International
    • No taxes applicable.
  • SA
    • Income tax: – Not applicable
    • Dividend tax: – 25% of dividends taken each quarter. If not taken, if reinvested, no tax applicable.
    • CGT: – the fund is 100% CGT registered.
      • Only applicable if and when funds are taken.
      • Annual exemption is beneficial thus R 40 000 pa currently.

CGT formula based on investor’s current income tax rate.