Caveat Fund Ltd. applies protection strategies, protecting initial capital invested and minimizing losses substantially.

Selected market Exposure: – Using 45 markets, empowers Caveat to understand each market to the fullest as well as the external influences on each market. These carefully selected markets render proper global exposure and diversity to explore any market condition in the Fund’s effort to generate value.

Algorithms: – Caveat believes that a combination of human knowledge and skills, together with the unlimited power of algorithms that supply 24/7 research, charts, warnings, opportunities, etc. place caveat in the most favorable position to generate true value.

Exit strategies: – Caveat understand that markets fluctuate continuously. These fluctuations could be unforeseen and sudden. With this knowledge, the interaction with our” living” systems, and daily collaboration with market experts: Caveat does not apply an indefinite “buy and hold” strategy. Once a selected stock or instrument reaches 30% of its determined goal, the exposure is closed, and we pursue other opportunities. This is an extremely effective protection application. During extreme volatility or uncertainty, we are 100% out of the market, until value could be found.

Profit sharing / Dividends: – Caveat offer dividends of 1,5% per quarter (Dec, March, June, Sept), thus 6% pa, based on the fund value, as of the last day of the previous month. This dividend is a risk-free allocation, which lowers the investment risk by 42% per annum with a target of 15%pa. Quarterly dividends are reinvested, until the investor instructs otherwise in writing.

Arbitrage: – applying the price differences (not market fluctuations) between the different digital exchanges throughout the world, Caveat offer risk-free enhancement to the investment performance.


The Fund is a relative return fund in that it aims for higher returns than the set benchmark. In the effort to determine the Fund’s achievements, it could be compared to the benchmark or any other funds. Comparisons could be in any currency of choice if comparisons are presented in the same currency. The Fund fact sheets, financial statements and the benchmark are priced and presented in USD on