The Fund was incorporated on 6 March 2018 under (Sec 40 C1) of the Financial Services Commission Act (FSCA) of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as a Business Company No (1972334), as a Mutual Fund (Reg 5 of 2015) NO (SIBR/IFAF/18/0125).

The Fund uses 45 carefully selected Global exchange traded futures, covering currencies, interest rates, 7 diversified global stock indices, grains, softs, meat, metals, and energies, including gold, silver, and oil.

The Fund is aimed at investors who are seeking a portfolio, which invest in, and is exposed to a diversified global future equity market and who therefore accepts exposure to the trends in world stock markets.

The Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation with exceptionally low correlation to traditional investments. We strive to offer the most diversified futures portfolio possible.
The Fund is to deliver consistently positive returns regardless of the directional movement in any single asset class for long term capital appreciation.

Exposure to these instruments are subject to various protection strategies, limiting losses and aimed to protect the investment capital, over a one-year period. Performance fees are calculated by reference to the applicable performance fee benchmark of each Share Class, as indicated below, which may or may not be the same as the Fund Benchmark.

The Caveat Fund Ltd is most suitable for investors who have made the decision to invest a predetermined amount in global equity futures. The fund offers in US $ for all types of investors, the investor Share Class

The Fund offer in US Dollars

  • To all types of SA natural persons, no matter if their investment capital is from within SA or global.
  • To investors resident or domiciled in certain eligible countries as may be determined from time to time, or investors who are associated with eligible intermediaries or one of its affiliates.
  • To certain nominee accounts or certain eligible institutional asset pools and collective Investment schemes.